couture lingerie made in italy

the ivory moon

the velvet garden

Every woman is a celestial body that shine its own light.
An ecosystem balanced by poetry and power.

Ophelia & Despina

Floral Chantilly Lace

The Ivory Moon  is designed for unconventional brides.

It is an exquisite triumph of ivory and gold, with our best selection of embroidered sparkle italian chantilly and rebrodè laces, invisible tulle and soft stretch silk.


Sparkling Italian Lace

A whisper of eternity.


Romantic Soul

the velvet garden

Made of exquisite floral rebrodè lace, stretch velvet and invisible tulle, The Velvet Garden  finds its meaning on the woman wearing it, coming to life when her body gets into symbiosis with it.

It is through coming in contact with your skin and your pulse that these pieces of art find their reason.

Our personality is what provides the garment with the discourse it carries forward.

Flora & Heather

fierce and sensual ensemble

Look up
And you’ll see a galaxy of constellations in her gaze

A riotous celebration of the multifaceted femininity.
Wild. Gentle. Fierce. Free.


Opulent Neckline Wired Bra

You are precious as a secret garden that flower

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